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Biggest Lego Collection

Lego NINJAGO 2012 Summer Spinner Collection!!! and mini review.
Lego NinjaGo 2012 Spinner Collection
Lego Dino 2012 Wave 1 Sets Complete Collection
Lego NinjaGo 2012 Wave 3 Sets Collection

Toy Collection Lego Gunpla Transformers and more July 2011

Gunpla Collection August 2010

Here are the sets I currently own.

GM Ver 2.0 30th Anniversary Edition
Ball Ver Ka 30th Anniversary Edition
GM (G) Ground Type

Zaku I
Zaku I Sniper Type
Zaku II Mass Production Type
Triple Dom Jetstream Attack Boxed Set
Schruzum Dias

0080 War in the Pocket NG 1/144
GM Command
GM Command Space Type

08th MS Team HG 1/144
GM (G) Ground Type

0083 Stardust Memory NG 1/144

Turn A NG 1/144
Sumo Gold

Gundam Wing NG 1/144

Gundam Seed NG 1/144
Mobile DINN
Strike Dagger
M1 Astray
Buster Gundam
Launcher Strike Gundam
Forbidden Gundam

Gundam SEED HG 1/144
Mobile GINN
Duel Gundam Assault Shrou
105 Dagger + Gunbarrel
105 Slaughter Dagger
Kerberos BeCUE Hound
Astray Blue Frame
Justice Gundam

Gundam 00 1/144
00 Gundam
Seravee Gundam
Gundam Nadleeh
Ahead Smultron

Gundam 00 1/100
Tieren Ground Type

Super Deformed
Zapper Zaku
Shiba I Sazabi
erfect Gundam