Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This will be an interesting weekend.

As my Strategic Management Professor (That's BPL to Baruch student who are reading thing) said in class. GLO-BUS Trial Decision 1 (groupwork), an article critique and a Mission Statement(groupwork) is due this Monday. I also have a Case Analysis(groupwork) report for Green IT due monday. I also have a test for Spreadsheet Applications tomorrow.

I built the Troll Mountain Fortress, and this set is great. I am glad I had previously purchased four Troll Warrior Battle Packs giving me twenty trolls. Five trolls from two King's Battle Chariot and one Troll Assault Wagon, and the recent four trolls from the Troll Mountain Fortress. In total that should be twenty-nine trolls and 3 big trolls. Well I doubt they will revisit the Fantasy Line for castle, so that will be it for my troll army I imagine. Of course in the future, I can always try Bricklink.

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