Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break halfway over.

Well I pre-ordered the Prince of Persia sets The Fight for the Dagger, The Ostrich Race, and Battle of Alamut via amazon. I would order them via Legoshop but they charge quite a bit for shipping and they have progressive shipping rates where the more you spend the higher your shipping will be. Also their UPS tracking numbers seem to not have an estimated schedule delivery which makes ordering their quite inconvenient. Combined with the two desert attacks I ordered earlier, I am only missing Quest Against Time to have a complete Prince of Persia completion.

I guess I will get the Quest Against Time but not right away or not at all. Since I am unsure if I want to keep the sets in their original format. Quest Against Time is the only one that doesn't appeal to me because it appears to in a cave or dungeon. While the other sets are outside structures which are great. If I do get it, this will be my first complete Lego collection not including the key chains and magnetic minifigs. I am only concerned with the official sets.

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