Friday, May 27, 2011

Ninja Deadly Alliance MOC

Ninja Deadly Alliance MOC
Inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender / Naruto / Mortal Kombat.

The Red Ninjas have gained much power and now seek to exterminate the other clans.The Ninja clans rally under their former Master in hopes of fending off a Red Ninja invasion. The Spinjitsu Dojo is where the Ninja clans were formed and now Sensei Wu hopes to restore the balance to the clans to their former levels and establish a new era of peace.

Surviving Black , Blue , and White Ninjas team up with their Sensei ( who looks suspiciously like Raiden from Mortal Kombat ) the creator of all Ninja clans. Or is he an Avatar? Or a Hokage from Naruto? A later MOC will depict the Ninjas, Sensei, and maybe even the Earth , Fire, Ice, Lightning Dragons duking it out.

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