Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Lego Castle Knight's Kingdom Lion Knights Army August 2011

My Knight's Kingdom Lion Knights Army / Minfig collection

Biggest KKI Lion Knights Army on youtube?

Total - 2
Heavy Cavalry - 1
1 Mounted Armored Spearman
Heavy Infantry - 1
1 Armored Spearman

I hope to get minfigures from these sets.
4806 Axe Cart
6026 King Leo
6032 Catapult Crusher
6091 King Leo's Castle
6094 Guarded Treasury
6095 Royal Joust
6096 Bull's Attack
G678stor Knights' Kingdom Chess Storage Case
10176 King's Castle
KKCD Creator Knights Kingdom Game
ickc09 Imagination Center Key Chain King with Knights Kingdom shield
3293 King Leo Key Chain
P1535 Knights' Kingdom Pen
2200946 Knights' Kingdom - Medieval Mischief and Mayhem
5723 LEGO Creator Knights' Kingdom PC CD-ROM
4212662 Castle Photo Frame
pin74 Knights Kingdom Pin
pin04 Knights Kingdom Lion Shield
4202053 Knights Kingdom Playing Cards
850076 Robber 2 Key Chain with 2 x 2 Square Lego Logo Tile
1286 Knight's Kingdom Cart
1287 Defense Archer
1288 Fire Cart
1289 Catapult
4816 Knights' Catapult (Chrome Sword)
4817 Dungeon (Chrome Breastplate)
4818 Dragon Rider (Chrome Helmet)
4819 Rebel Chariot (Chrome Bulls' Shield)

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