Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Lego Castle Rogue Knights Army August 2011

My Rogue Knights Army / Minifig Collection

Biggest Rogue Knights Army on youtube?

Total - 1
Heavy Infantry - 1
1 Armored Axeman.

I hope to have minfigures from these sets.
8777 Vladek Encounter
8778 Border Ambush
8779 The Grand Tournament
8780 Citadel of Orlan
8781 Castle of Morcia
8799 Knights' Castle Wall
8800 Vladek's Siege Engine
P1735 Knights' Kingdom II Rascus & Jayko Pen
P1736 Knights' Kingdom II Danju & Santis Pen
P1737 Knights' Kingdom II Vladek Pen
G31317 Knights' Kingdom Save the Kingdom Board Game
4250349 Knights' Kingdom II Watch Set
3819 Knights Kingdom Key Chain with Bead Elements
5994 Catapult
5998 Vladek
5999 Jayko
8801 Knights' Attack Barge
8802 Dark Fortress Landing
8873 Fireball Catapult
8874 Battle Wagon
8875 King's Siege Tower
8876 Scorpion Prison Cave
8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress
65769 Vladek Value Pack
4267641 Knights' Kingdom II Magnet Set
851542 Knights' Kingdom II Magnet Set
851495 King Matthias Key Chain
P3505 Knights' Kingdom II Clip Pen
091553 Ravensburger, Knights Kingdom II Vladek Puzzle
8813 Battle at the Pass
8821 Rogue Knight Battleship
8822 Gargoyle Bridge
8823 Mistlands Tower
851734 King Jayko Key Chain
851735 Dracus Key Chain
218158 Knights' Kingdom The Game
218066 Knights' Kingdom Das Spiel
20502 Sword, Electronic Deluxe
20706 Knights' Kingdom II Sports Bad
65642 Limited Edition Bonus Pack
65767 Attack from the Sea
4267641 Knights' Kingdom Magnet Set
4270922 Knights' Kingdom II Party Table Decoration
4279754 Knights' Kingdom II School Supply Set
G678 Knights' Kingdom Chess Set
K8800 Vladek's Attack Kit
M207 Knights' Kingdom Magnet Set

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