Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evil Genius is a great game.

Not going to post a review for Evil Genius if that's what you expected. But its a nice simulation game where you manage your base and minions. I would say it has elements of The Sims since you have to make sure you refresh your minion stats. And its created by the company (which is not defunct) who created Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

Well I created a youtube video to help new and older players to gain easy money early on in the game. I guess its an exploit and cheating, but its pretty much the same as any other game where you grind at the beginning to make the rest of the game easier.

In the event anyone is reading this, I wouldn't mind some criticisms and comments.

For the text parts, I tried doing captions, but find that the font doesn't match well with the gameplay at some parts. So I made them into titles instead. Would you say they are too fast, too slow, or just right? I set them at 2 seconds each(although its possibly that I forgot to set one or more to 2 seconds), some longer ones at 3 seconds. I left one caption in since it wasn't really that important. It was originally much longer, so I edited out some unnecessary parts.

For the gameplay parts, I copied other people's styles where you start with the beginning part then skip to end. I figure people don't want to watch me dragging all those objects on the screen. Using windows 7 movie maker so I couldn't find a 2x speed effect, I would have used that if that was there.

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