Monday, January 4, 2010

I am conflicted. So many awesome Lego sets to choose from.

So its 2010 and Lego has more sets being released. What interests me most right now are the Atlantis and Toy Story themes. Well for to be fair I am only interested in a few sets for the minifigs. The Atlantis theme has a Squid/Octopus Man. But the set Gateway of the Squid is 40 dollars, I can't pay that much just to get 1 minifig. There is also the Shark Man. It comes in a 15 dollar set Wreck Raider, so I guess I could pick one up for the Shark Man. But probably not. Then there is the Manta Warrior which is 3.50. Definitely affordable. But the question is how many do I get? Just one for the coolness factor? Or maybe I want a few, so I can have to have minor cameos in coastal dioramas such as manta warriors terrorizing a fisherman. Or even dozens to make a small army.

Also for the Toy Story theme, I am quite interested in the Army Men on Patrol set. It comes with 4 toy soldiers from the movie Toy Story and a small jeep. The jeep is a bonus for me.

At the back of my head I think about how every dollar I spend on non-castle sets means that's money I can't spend on the upcoming 2010 Lego Kingdoms sets. If I was rich I guess I wouldn't have this dilemma. I think I might end up making this a Lego centric blog. I can't get Lego off of my mind. At least not with all these cool sets being released this year. I think that's enough for today.

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