Sunday, January 3, 2010

Linked to Youtube

I never did write that introduction post that I promised. Oh well.

But now I have linked this blog to my youtube page. Well at least I think I did, not sure if it did anything. In any case, I listed it as my website. I will probably post videos of me playing games on my laptop recorded by fraps of course. And Lego Stop motion videos if I get the time to do so. And I can post thoughts and feelings on this blog.

I have recently discovered the joy of Plants vs Zombies. Its a great fun game. The official link for people who are interested. It's for the pc and is a type of tower defense game. I believe there is both a windows and mac version. You plants various flowers to defend your house (more like your brain) from the invading zombies. You encounter different zombies as you progress through the game, and you collect more seeds to expand your flower pallet. There are lots of minigames and extras to boost its re-playability factor. The game will keep you occupied for quite some time.

My first gameplay video of Plants vs Zombies. There may be more to come of the same game, or other games. Enjoy.

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